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Medication Management- Including Suboxone


Our staff will work with you to ensure you have the best therapeutic outcome from the medications that are prescribed.

The main reason individuals take medication is to improve quality of life. However, if you are not feeling well or taking multiple medications, remembering to take the right medications at the right times can be difficult. If medications aren’t taken properly, quality of life does not improve, and in many cases, it declines. This is where medication management comes in; it can assist in getting the right prescriptions to the right individuals, and ensure they are taken at the right time.

Medication Management includes medications for anxiety, depression, ADHD, PTSD, opiate(Suboxone) and alcohol (Vivitrol) abuse prevention.

We provide care for individuals that includes history & physicals, health maintenance and promotion, patient education, diagnosis and treatment and compassion from your docto

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