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Here Are the Top Warning Signs of Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction can creep up slowly. What starts out as a few occasional drinks with friends during the week can turn into a daily habit that takes over your life.

Without the right type of addiction treatment, an alcohol addiction can be hard to stop on your own. It can impact your relationships, success at work, and your home life. 

Our substance abuse specialists at Pain and Recovery Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico, are here to help if addiction does take hold. Below, we offer the top warning signs of alcohol addiction you should look for in yourself or a loved one so you know when it’s time to get needed treatment.

Increased tolerance

When it now takes several drinks to get you as buzzed as just one drink used to, that means you’ve built up a tolerance. When you find yourself needing to consume more alcohol to feel the same effects, it can be a warning sign that you’ve developed an addiction to alcohol. 

Withdrawal symptoms

If not having a drink leads to physical symptoms like feeling shaky, nauseous, sweaty, or depressed, you may be having withdrawal symptoms resulting from an alcohol addiction. You may find yourself having a drink just to relieve or avoid these symptoms, which is a top warning sign of alcoholism. 

Using alcohol to cope 

Stress, anxiety, and life challenges are sure to pop up. If you find yourself turning to alcohol to cope with your emotions, you may have developed an unhealthy addiction to alcohol. The right type of mental health and addiction treatment can help you learn healthier ways to cope with your emotions so that you no longer feel the urge to drink.

Hiding your drinking 

Alcohol addiction isn’t always obvious, especially when you or a loved one purposefully hides their drinking. Many people only drink when nobody is around or lie about their drinking when confronted. When you or a loved one are hiding alcohol use, it’s a sure sign of addiction. 

Getting help for your addiction

Admitting you have an alcohol addiction is never easy, but we are here to help. We offer an outpatient medical detox program that minimizes the discomforts associated with alcohol withdrawal so that you can safely reduce your reliance on alcohol. 

Our intensive outpatient program can help you delve into the reasons why you developed an unhealthy reliance on alcohol and learn healthy ways to cope with life stressors so you no longer feel the need to drink. 

When you’re ready to get help, we’re ready to listen. Contact us by phone or online to get started on ending your alcohol addiction today.

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