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Beyond Drinking: Lifestyle Signs of Alcohol Dependency

Regularly drinking too much alcohol may be the most obvious sign of alcohol dependency, but it’s not the only one. Many symptoms of alcohol abuse don’t actually involve drinking alcohol at all.

At Pain and Recovery Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico, we are familiar with all of the signs that you or a loved one may be dependent on alcohol, including lifestyle signs that aren’t alway obvious. Our team of substance abuse specialists can help you change your behaviors and your lifestyle so you can get your life back on track.

Here are a few lifestyle signs of alcohol dependency to keep any eye out for so your alcohol dependence doesn’t become an addiction. 

Poor hygiene

A change in grooming habits or personal hygiene is a sign of alcohol dependency that isn’t always easy to spot. As alcohol takes over a person’s life, they may start to neglect their personal hygiene. They may forget to brush their teeth, shower, or even change their clothes. 

In many instances, they just stop caring about their hygiene as alcohol dependence starts taking hold and their priority becomes alcohol. 

Change in eating patterns

Often, alcohol because the main sustenance for someone with an addiction. They may forget to eat, consume so many calories from alcohol that they aren’t hungry, or eat foods lacking in nutrients. Sometimes, alcohol even becomes a meal replacement.

Missing obligations

One of the more noticeable lifestyle signs of alcohol dependency is when you or your loved one begins to choose drinking over other responsibilities and obligations. That can mean missing work or school to drink or recover from a binge, or no longer having interest in social or recreational activities. 

When you notice someone start to pull away or make excuses for not showing up somewhere, and alcohol use has been a problem, they may have developed a dangerous dependency on substances.

Legal problems

It’s not uncommon for someone with an alcohol dependency to experience legal issues — like drunk driving — and continue to drink. When alcohol has taken hold, consequences like these can seem insignificant and aren’t always enough to encourage someone to seek the help they need.

Change in friendships

If you or your loved one have stopped hanging out with your regular circle of friends and suddenly developed a new group of acquaintances who like to drink, that can be another sign of alcohol dependency. 

These new friends may enable or encourage your alcohol use, making it harder to stop even if you want to.

It’s not always easy to spot the signs of alcohol dependency, but knowing what they are can mean getting the treatment you need. For a personalized approach to treating alcohol dependence, contact us by phone or online today.

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